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The Vivomi Service

The App and Device is a combined service that provides heart rate ECG detection and monitoring, and the collection of of steps and location data. We derive information such as calories, sleep cycles, body position, breathing rate, mental stress, biological age, recovery from exertion and trends in overall health and wellness using this data.  The App and Device is not guaranteed to be accurate in collection of data in all circumstances ie a poor ECG signal based on body placement or during extreme exercise or impact. The App may not be compatible with all applications, services, and devices and where the App is connected to a device other than the Vivomi Device the collected heart rate data may not have same fidelity and validity for calculations of activity, stress and sleep data within the App. Certain App features may be made available on a subscription basis only. Vivomi may make certain additional Application features ("Plus Features") available to you on a subscription basis for a monthly recurring fee ("Plus Subscription"). These Plus Features are provided to you for a monthly subscription term specified at the time you place your order (the "Subscription Term") and will automatically renew for additional periods of the same duration unless you cancel your Plus Subscription. Unless otherwise specified by us at the time you place your order, your Subscription Term for a Plus Subscription is auto-recurring and will automatically renew for additional terms of the same length. You authorize Vivomi to immediately begin charging the payment method provided and to continue to do so for any renewed Subscription Term until you cancel.

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