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Updates and Product Changes

You acknowledge and agree that, during the term of this Agreement, the App and Device firmware may be improved, and Vivomi may automatically send an updated version of the App or Device firmware. Unless otherwise specified by Vivomi in writing, these Terms will also govern any bug fixes, patches, maintenance releases, upgrades and updates to the App or Device firmware that Vivomi or its supplier develops and makes available to you ("Updates"), and such Updates will be considered "App Services" under this Agreement. We may require You to accept Updates to the Application that You have installed on Your device. However, you understand and agree that Vivomi has no obligation to provide you with Updates and that any Updates may be made available for a fee or under different or additional terms and conditions, as determined by Vivomi. Our App may update automatically on your mobile device once a new version or feature is available, and you consent to such automatic Updates. We are constantly changing and improving our App and Device firmware, so we reserve the right without liability to you to add or remove functionalities or features, to modify App and Device firmware and to suspend or stop an App.

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