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How do I update the Puulse device firmware?

From the Puulse App:  Go to Menu > My Device > Device Updates.  Firmware updates will be listed next to Device Updates.

 A charged Puulse device and a connection to a wifi network are required.

  • Confirm you have the latest version of the Puulse App installed.  You must have a compatible App version to complete the Firmware update. 
  • Verify you are connect to WiFi.
  • Confirm the Puulse Devices is turned “On”.  The blue LED will be displayed if the device is “On”.
  • Confirm the App is connected to the Puulse Device via Bluetooth.
  • Your Puulse battery level must be greater than 10%.

A notification will be displayed during the update.  If the connection is lost or the update is cancelled prior to completing the install you will be required to start again.

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