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Connecting to Third Party Devices and Apps

Our 3rd Party support makes it easy for you to pair high quality data to those apps and devices you already use and enjoy. 

Puulse provides heart rate data over a standard Bluetooth LE heart rate service.  Once paired with the Puulse App, Heart Rate Data and the Puulse Battery Level can be shared with up to 3 compatible third party Devices or Apps consecutively. 

  • Pair the Puulse Device with the Puulse App.
  • Using the third-party app or device, locate the Puulse App you wish to pair to.

You are not required to stay paired with the Puulse App following the initial authorization.  A connection is good for up to 8 hours.  After 8 hours you are required to connect with the Puulse App to reauthorize. 

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